• Brusco Briarbelly

    Brusco Briarbelly

    Halfling Bard from the village of Springfoot, his talents were lauded in his town for bringing the light back into their prized mead, Honey Jum-Jum
  • Hans Umulaut

    Hans Umulaut

    Teifling sorcerer from the Firehold Deeps, his parents fiddled with artifacts beyond their control. They paid the price, but their child banished the power to another plane. He did not do so unmarked.
  • Sabuyan Ironwood

    Sabuyan Ironwood

    Half-elf druid hailing from the Hinterlands, his adoptive home, where he learned the secrets of nature and seeks to heal the land.
  • Tiberius Blackthorn

    Tiberius Blackthorn

    Half-orc fighter from the Syndicate Enclave, the young orc spent most of his life fighting for every scrap of food he could find. Hard earned skills gave him an opportunity to serve in the military, though time will tell where they take him next.