Hans Umulaut

Teifling sorcerer from the Firehold Deeps, his parents fiddled with artifacts beyond their control. They paid the price, but their child banished the power to another plane. He did not do so unmarked.


May I introduce Hans Ümlaut a half Demon heritage (Father’s side) half Asuran heritage (Mother’s side) Tiefling. Although there are not many Tieflings in the town of Firehold Deeps his parents had managed to not only survive but thrive as local antique/artifact inspectors. They were aided by their innate magical abilities in sensing when certain items were of a magical background and warranted further study by the enclave of mages. It was a modest upbringing until the local magistrate finally decided these uppity half demon spawn creatures had no place in his perfect little slice of the city. He would regularly bully Hans’ father when having items dropped off or picked up and had also started to impose a “monster” tax on his family. This tax was starting to make life very hard and that drove his parents to despair thinking about leaving the city until one fateful day when they discovered the innate ability in an innocuous looking artifact. After some research and a few simple divination rituals his parents discovered that the artifact could be used as a focus for a ritual that summoned a very powerful Lich. Finally after paying the tax again including the “penalty” for being an hour late they had finally had enough. They gathered their supplies and drew the appropriate protection circles and started the ritual while Hans and his little sister watched from a safe corner of the room. Everything went exactly as their research predicted and the Lich was summoned into the protective circle, then disaster struck.

The spirit ended up being too powerful for his parents to contain and after it broke free from the binding spells it began painting the room a nice crimson color. After enjoying its work it promptly turned its attention on young Hans and his sister both of which were sniffling in the corner and crying. The Spirit saw potential in the boy and decided to use him as a host body to enjoy the pleasures of the material plane, the girl though was useless and it promptly hit her so hard her head flew through the air to the other side of the room. Hans was horrified and covered in his sister’s blood, then something inside him at that moment just snapped. The Lich began merging his essence with Hans and awakened the boy’s sorcerous gift which promptly blasted the entity back to the immaterial and put young Hans in a coma for a week. These events left him deathtouched which has manifested itself in different ways as he has grown, mainly from his ability to pull the last memories of those that have died around him. These memories have taught him much of the world and the ways of other beings adding to his general mistrust of everyone, but also proving useful by teaching him how to fight better (not everyone just lays down and dies, some go out fighting for life!).

Following the events of that fateful night, Hans was left to fend for himself because no relatives would take him in after learning of his parents’ indiscretion. No orphanage would take him because his Tiefling heritage left him with red skin, goat like horns, and hooved feet (for some reason he scared the other children). Through these experiences Hans learned to become self-reliant and very tough. As the years passed he also grew to an impressive 6’2” size with a muscular 225 pound build honed from years of fighting for his life on the streets. He also learned to keep himself fully covered, especially in areas dominated by humans and their ilk. Due to their automatic mistrust of not just Demon spawn but of those that do not look like them!

Because of not having a formal education his sorcery is still very much rudimentary and is mostly guided by his emotional state. He however managers to keep his emotions in check by adhering to a strict regimen of meditation and self-discipline. His social interactions also tend to be awkward so he avoids contact with others unless he absolutely has to. This is not to say growing up was all salt and vinegar, there were times when others (shopkeepers and the like) would take pity on him and leave meals or clothes out for him. In return; though the shopkeepers did not know, Hans would protect their businesses from the street toughs and other up and coming gangs looking to start a “protection” racket. These men/boys were often found beaten to a bloody pulp the next morning by passersby. Most of the areas where Hans could be found seemed to not have much crime and many of the shop keepers chalked it up to good fortune.

Finally after his 27th birthday Hans has decided it is time to strike out in the world and see what else it has to offer. The 5 block area he has spent the better part of his life has had its rough spots, but it has always been home to him and will always hold a special place in his thoughts. But now it is time to strike out into the wide world to see the things he has only heard of from passing merchants. And with his background in survival teamed with the knowledge of hundreds of corpses gleaned over the years he feels it is time to start working on the next big task… Interacting with others and learning more about his magic. Who knows, maybe one day he’ll just be powerful enough to summon that Lich that killed his family and show it what true suffering is!

Hans Umulaut

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