Sabuyan Ironwood

Half-elf druid hailing from the Hinterlands, his adoptive home, where he learned the secrets of nature and seeks to heal the land.


Sabuyan (Sa – buy – un) was born an illegitimate son of a well known arms merchant in the dwarven city of Firehold Deeps. Being a bastard half breed in a dwarven society was incredibly difficult. He spent many of his formative years being bullied, belittled, and generally ignored. Sabuyan’s large gangling form coupled with his half breed features made social interactions awkward and more often than not, he would find himself secluded in alleyways and cave offshoots within the city spending time with rats, cats, stray dogs, and other small creatures that would wander into his presence. As he grew older, Sabuyan started to enjoy the isolation. His animal friends were the only real company he needed, and oddly enough, creatures in the city seemed to now find him. Many would bring him small trinkets and other “gifts.” The oddest of these tokens was a small roughly carved wooden bear that Sabayun fashioned as a necklace and still wears around his neck to this day.

Shortly after turning 19, his mother fell extremely ill and the family business was, as expected, passed to Sabuyan’s younger brother Irving. Shortly after her death, with nothing holding him in the deeps, Sabuyan packed up his few belongings and left the city with no real goals or destinations in mind. After months of travel, he found himself deep in the ironwood forest of the Hinterlands.

One fateful morning, Sabuyan came across a severely wounded direwolf. The poor creature had been shot with dozens of arrows and was barely clinging to life. Not knowing what came over him, Sabuyan shot into action, devoid of any fear of the large beast. He treated the wounds and spent days nursing the creature from the brink of death. As the sun rose into the Ironwoods and across the his eyes, Sabuyan opened them to find a heavily robed man standing over the now healthy looking direwolf. Sabuyan jumped to his feet.

“Be calm my child,” said the man, “I have been watching you for days. Your heart and intentions toward these lands are true. If you would have it, I want to show you the ways of my order.” A few simple words and a nod started the journey of a lifetime.

For years Sabuyan studied under the old man, developing his skills and forging a primal and unbreakable bond to the land and the creatures within it. After many seasons of protecting the ironwood, the old man approached Sabuyan and calmly spoke, “My child, I have taught you what I can. It is time for you to venture from these lands and forge your own path. The wilds to the southwest are cursed and yearning for restoration which you may bring. Your dedication to them will bring forth the full manifestation of your power and a healing which the lands have never known.”

With a heartfelt goodbye to his mentor and the creatures of the Ironwood, Sabuyan left behind his old life and identity and ventured toward the Maw carrying with him the power of the wilds and the surname of his beloved Ironwood.

Sabuyan Ironwood

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